Ilona Toback

Luxury Senior Travel Advisor

Ilona Toback

Interests & Specialties

  • Luxury Ocean Cruising
  • River Cruising
  • Beach and Sun
  • Multi-Generational / Family Travel
  • Safari
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Tauck World Discovery Certified Advisor
  • Silversea Elevate Cruise Specialist
  • Oceania Cruise Specialist
  • Virtuoso Voyages Specialist

Expert Bio

Ilona learned travel at her father’s knee. Not only was he a Travel Agent, but he led tours around the world. The family rule was that you had to be able to be packed and ready to travel in five minutes. Ilona took that love of travel and has built it into a career. She has done group and incentive travel as well as corporate travel but her real love is leisure travel.

A New York /New Jersey native, Ilona relocated to Fort Myers five years ago with her husband Norman and their dogs. Having found Paradise herself, she now wants to find it for others. She graduated with honors from Caldwell College and now spends her time booking cruises, independent travel all over the world, African safaris, travel to Australia and New Zealand, and even such special areas of interest as villas, castle rentals and private jet travel.

Her rule on each trip is that she must see something that she has never seen before. This has taken her to some unusual and interesting sites, all of which she will be glad to share with you.

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